Rreleased in October 2020 by AnnapurnA - Italy

Sex is a prayer
The Timeless
Timeline Collapse
(bonus track in the digibook edition,
replacing 'Beyondness' in the vinyl edition)

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> Quasar concept <
[ English / Italian ]

"We are children making love with the world
our connection is timeless
it is born where music flows
it is born where misteries happen
and the mountains are the scores
where writing notes"

QUASAR is a journey into the horizon of events, the beating heart of every galaxy. We surf across different dimensions of space-time channeling sound and color frequencies, our eyes light up and music flows. We worked on 7 archetypes, the number of Grace and Realization, one for each song; the informational flows of which the compositions are woven, are hymns to the 5 elements, from the most dense to the most subtle. In Tolkien’s Silmarillion, we see many deities, similar to archangelic archetypes, who create the earth by singing it. Therefore, vibration creates music, it is clay, plasticine, it is a game of numbers not belonging to time but to those dimensions where mysteries happen, dreams breathe, multi-layered realities manifest. We dissolve what is heavy and limits us so to leave room for intuition, to the artist’s journey towards unique works. What do the stars do? What do the numbers say? QUASAR is also the hero’s journey to reach the pure state of essence, the Holy Grail, a balance between magical power and psychophysical fullness.

"Let’s surf in the timelines
in the quantum range of life"

Digipack - 7 tracks (55 mn) - 12 page booklet
Digibook (limited to 400 copies) - 8 tracks
(7 + 1 bonus track) - hardcover - 24 page booklet
Vinyl - 7 tracks (alternate tracklist)

Francesca Nicoli

Vittorio Vandelli
acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitar, vocals

Giovanni Pagliari
keyboards, vocals

Riccardo Spaggiari
drums and programming

Totem Bara

cello (song 3, 4, 6)