We are in the eye, the source, the heart of each galaxy and we surf on the iris, the horizon of events, we see the wormhole in the pupil, the bridge between the dimensions of space-time and, here, on the earth, we are irradiated by rays reaching us in the form of hertz. We are both in the iris and here, in this dense dimension that the ancients called Gea. Music is a channeling containing sound and light frequencies and we are a stream of consciousness that chooses to travel in different layers of space-time, we are in the QUASAR and the QUASAR is us. Our eyes light up and music flows.

We worked on 7 archetypes, the number of Grace and realization, 7 are the colors of the rainbow, one for each song and all these informed energies have archangelic names, powerful informational flows that balance the 4 elements of fire, water, air and earth within and outside of us with the 5th element that is the ether.

Vibration creates, music is able to create order and structure like the one of golden fractal geometries, this is what we meant to do it in the highest vibrations we managed to channel. In the first chapter of Tolkien's Silmarillion, we see many deities, similar to archangelic archetypes, creating the earth by singing it. By tuning our electromagnetic field with the ones of cosmic energies, we can reset on a cellular and chromosomal level in order to evolve. This is Grace.

We play with a “sound clay” that is a game of numbers in a dimension that doesn’t belong to linear time but it’s over there, in that circular time, that mysteries happen, dreams breathe, notes spring, colors flow.

INIZIAZIONE is the first song. It is inspired by GABRIEL’s energy and it’s a 12 minutes whirling initiation. We are a blank page, the beginning, what’s new, we support the frequencies of white color and all the rainbow nuances reflected in the silver of the waters. SOLVE ET COAGULA, we dissolve all what is heavy and limits us leaving space for intuition, for the artist's journey towards unique works. What do the stars do? What do the numbers say? They say, they sing our history of sentient beings.

NEBULA, the second air and passage, is referring both to a nebula and to the veil of the bride in Roman times (which was so called = cloud), and it explores the energies of the emerald green color, Raphael, the one who cares and acts as a healing catalyst. It is the golden hour (the aurea ora), evaporated and magical, we are in a clearing between lakes and woods where nymphs and mythological figures appear. A “conubium” rite is taking place, the wedding of the ancients.

ONENESS, the third song, is inspired by Michael, the warrior archangel who holds in balance the sword and the scale and who rules the fire, the highest sphere (the heart) from which start the momentum and the first will. Michael speaks, acts and loves with fire and brings duality (light / shadow of this eartly plane) back to unity in an upward movement.

SEX IS A PRAYER, the fourth song, it brings the frequencies of a powerful tool of creation and self-awareness, the unconditional love governed by Chamael, the archangelic energy freeing ourselves from our conditionings of fear and dependence. This is also the hero's journey to reach the pure state of essence, the Holy Grail. Grace can’t explained, it comes in the night, tomorrow is already today, the future is already the present.

RADIANCE, the fifth song, travels on the gold frequencies of Jehudiel and the Buddha. The first part is a whirling journey on the blue of the waters kissed by the sun; the second one is a mantra on the high peaks of Nepal, a meeting between the God of the Sea and the Goddess of Mountains, a balance between magical power and psychophysical fullness.

THE TIMELESS, the sixth tune, is violet in color, like the amethyst, here we meet the purifying flame of Tdzakiel and Saint Germain; here we explore the energies leading to a meeting point, to the dialogue of souls. There is human compassion, the deeply felt wish to be new after a cleansing of the past. Superior alchemy.

The seventh and final song, BEYONDNESS, is inspired by the cobalt blue and ruby red colors. We ride with Uriel who helps us realizing our deepest aspirations on this earthly plane. We experience a sort of data download directly from the morphogenetic field. Uriel also presides over ESP gifts such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and lucid dreams.