The Chant of the Elementals

Rreleased in September 2022 by The Circle Music - Greece

Hlara Aralh
Ode ad Afrodite
Ode a Dioniso
Aura Magi
(bonus track A5 + jewel case)

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[ English / Italian ]

Hlara Aralh, do you still feel the live embers ?
And the dancing tongues of flame ?
Instinctual, natural, cup and scepter,
Do you still dream your dream ?

The new and 28th studio album of ATARAXIA is a poetic race, a caress of mysticism, a cosmic dance, an epic journey always inspired by the elemental spirits of nature to reach and embody the combination of opposites (coniunctio oppositorum) or "alchemical marriage". The album includes odes to Aphrodite and Dionysus.

The flowing of the notes infuses us with a pervading sense of freedom and lightness leading us to the purest, most instinctive and vivifying feeling. A question resounds: "Do you still dream your dream? Do you still feel the source?" The journey of the hero, that’s the journey of all of us, passes through the fire, earth, air, water and reaches the etheric plane crossing the depths of the forest, the underworld (in the presence of our shadow), crystalline mountains, uterine abysses, always in balance between spirit and matter, mystical portals and a precipice. From nigredo to rubedo turning into antennas, channels of frequency rising in a spiral around the caduceus of Hermes-Mercury to reset our DNA and move among the stars. In this album we sow notes and made sonic plants grow flying with very light wings, taking magical forms, embroidering dreams. We have now access to the reign of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Grace and Beauty and Dionysus, God of mystical ecstasy and folly. The last step is the adamantine purity of AURA MAGI, a metaphysical place giving us power of vision, the ability to communicate with everything and the divine forces of the inter-worlds. After this initiatory voyage, we are born again as renewed creatures feeling and intense peace just like subtle fires wrapped in mortal flesh.

Courage, Beauty, Love, Desire for achievement made us cross two years of hard trials to release "POMEGRANATE – The Chant of the Elementals", our 28th opus.

We thank The Circle Music, Nicolas Ramain, Insetti Xilografi and all our worldwide listeners for the precious support. The Gold vinyl edition of the album is accompanied by a sublime artbook of paintings by Insetti Xilografi and poetic short novels by Francesca in a passionate embrace of natural elements, mythological and floral figures, sensual words and worlds.

do you remember the dip in the salvific cold ?
And the ascension to the liquid sheets as
born again demigods ?
Recovering purity and intact nature…

Formats :

* Luxurious box embossed in Gold including: marbled (black and gold) vinyl with printed inserts + 16 pages artbook + A5 digipack (including a 16 pages booklet) + zip hoodie (limited to 200 copies).

* Gold vinyl with printed inserts + 16 pages artbook (limited to 500 copies).

* A5 Digipack CD with 16 pages booklet + bonus track (limited to 1000 copies).

* Jewel Case CD with 16 pages booklet + bonus track.

* Digital.

* Zip hoodie (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) (limited to 100 copies).

Francesca Nicoli
vocals, lyrics

Vittorio Vandelli
classical and electric guitars, programming

Giovanni Pagliari
keyboards, piano

Totem Bara
cello, timpani