"Here we have again from ATARAXIA another masterpiece of musical craftsmanship, another enchanting journey through their unique spiritual realm. Highly recommended." (Darklife - issue VII Spring 2002) UK

"Twinkling mediterranean mystic atmosphere. 'A Calliope' is an album inspired by the ebb and flow, by the brath of the ocean." (Polar Licht Magazin issue 10 Spring 2002) Germany

"Very evocative music. ATARAXIA provide music mixed with storytelling and lingering memories and sentiment. The sacral flavours interject throughout, never giving a main theme, but always there, hinting to the religion of forgotten and shared histories. 'Lost Atlantis' is excellent. The overall texture and aural theme is regained on the title track. The sheer creativity and obvious intelligence of the band is impressive and the music they have wrought very worthy of notice and admiration." (Elektronski Zvuk - webzine)

" 'Mon Seul Desir' is excellent and a good introduction to the work of ATARAXIA for new listeners. Prime European Neo Classical music (with a large degree of mediaeval influences), sophisticated but also passionate, inspired by tradition but still finding room for innovation. This emphasis on a European cultural current of distinction (which combines a certain influence of Arabic rhythem and dance - which permeated Souther Europe in the Medieval era) seems to be ATARAXIA's mission. long may they flourish." (Oriflamme zine - 2002) England

"It's very ironic that left of centre classical music like this ends up in an alternative genre rather than the edge of classical itself. That, in itself, speaks volumes about the open-mindness of ethereal fans when compared to the stuffier classical enthusiasts. This is a delicate and uplifting album, replete with echoes of mythical past that continues the growth and expansion of ethereal classical music." (Sorted magAzine - 2002)

"The whole music this time is very many sided...'Mon Seul Désir' will satisfy all ATARAXIA fans definetly." (Back Again webzine 2002) England

"This outstanding band, which uses millions of influences from many countries and centuries, but also has developed a very own style, which is uncomparable to any other band...if you do not know all their albums yet, 'A Calliope...Collection' is a must have for every collection. A bit of Neo Folk, a bit of medieval sound, some Gothic influences and the wonderful voice of Francesca Nicoli make this band something special, so get your copy of this limited release soon or you will regret some day." (Back Again webzine) England

"With each album through the last round about ten years, this band carried me off into wonderful worlds of beautiness and dreams. So they do with 'Suenos'. I don't have to tell anyone, that the sound and the musical quality are perfect and I wonder why the band did not receive much respect outside the Gothic-scene yet, like, for example, Dead Can Dance did." (Back Again webzine) England

"ATARAXIA can pack more emotion into five minutes than most people can spread across an entire triple album box set. So within just under three quarters of an hour they manage to charm you with the beauty of their timeless music; awaken a sense of Hollywood drama in the Eastern flavour of one track and weave magical soundshapes like Spirits communicating from an idealised Mediaeval past. You find that their music soon reveals its strengths when, after only the third or fourth play, the tunes seem so familiar that you may have known them your entire life. 'Alsicon' nods towards their own past with it's delicate, bone-china-thin emotive feeling, as if Francesca were reliving some childhood moments triggered by the sun playing on her face, or perhaps the olfactory stimuli from somewhere familiar yet seldom visited. They somehow make a fairly flat ambience seem grandiose, with waves of guitar, keyboards and the rich, Operatic voice rising and crashing like gentle but forceful waves on the steady shore of percussion. 'Jarem Gitt', the desert wildlife sounds to appear and indeed a shrill ululation from that voice chills the air as if malign spirit had passed over, briefly. There's an element of madness to 'Eaudelamer' - moments where the Voice is almost speaking in tongues (and said tongue has swollen and numbed to a point where language is left behind). It weaves charming drapes of almost Ambient sound around the room, juxtaposed to an almost childishly peel-appealing Girlie vocal motif. The guitar-only track 'Sendero En Lago Verde' - a charming lullaby - is altogether more beautiful than anything has any right to be, comparable in emotional stakes only with witnessing a birth, that sudden dawning of a young life which in some small way changes the world far more than most politicians empty policies could ever do. If you have ever been moved to tears by such a moment, then Vandelli's deft brush strokes across taut strings may have captured that feeling forever here. 'A L'Aube' sounds as a pocket of misty emotion which suggests longing, loss, a beautiful emptiness. Small and insignificant as any one of us, passing briefly through this world, yet as full of complex feelings as Human experience itself... ATARAXIA are something very, very special in a world where few things last and even fewer are worth the time you'd spend on them." (Metamorphic webzine) England

"Francesca Nicoli is surely one of the best (if not the best) singer in all medieval/ethereal scene. However her own creation with Ataraxia is the most magic, hypnotic and powerful way of her voice's expression. I know, every time when you get something new created by Ataraxia, it seems that it's their best album, but this time I'm sure that 'Lost Atlantis' is the best piece of music Ataraxia created to date. It seems that the album is like a nostalgic document for the lost time and space. Musically, it is maybe the most successful attempt to compose harmonic ethereal pagan opera. The entire album leaves an impression of growing emotionally; in places it is energetic, mostly melancholic and romantic, but it can't leave you indifferent, is maybe their most spatial and cosmical disc. Francesca still adds her magic shamanic whispers, Ataraxia haven't lost their characteristic traits, they just added something new that makes me say words like 'fantastic' or 'incredible'. It is a must get, if your spirit is longing for disappearance in the world of dreams..." (Edge Of Time - issue 15 - 2002)

"Imagine the early sacred music of Hildegard von Bingham meeting Enya. Place it on the Narada label and throw in a goodly dose of pagan spirit, and you've got this Ataraxia release... The story told here is a sad and reflective one, but one that seems familiar, as if you've heard it before." (Dark Velvet webzine- 2000)

"Undoubtely Ataraxia are getting better and better as time goes by and as a consequence thay have touched the zenith of their rich musical career. Their inspiration touches perfection while the performing ability of their enriched performance reminds the thinnest colors of absolute harmony. Sweet Francesca, like a real nymph of the forest enchants with her inspiring and deep voice which combines her beautiful presence. Of course the other members of the group are not left behind in grace. Each one in a special and elitist, artistic and genuinely authentic way contributes considerably in the creation of a world far beyond the world of everyday life. The LP Suenos, which is characterized by no extravagant elements, is a masterpiece! This is where the melancholic ethereal sweet melodies appear and like twirls of water they withdraw the experience which is departed from the sense of unity, expressing fearlessly the desire of a human being to get lost in the whitecaps and close the circle." (L'Ame Electrique - Spring 2001) Greece

"Italy's icy Ataraxia continue to layer atmosphere upon atmosphere of operatic 'ambient' music into one numbing, tension-filled but unmistakably beautiful soundscape. The vocals might be too extreme for the majority of 'Hell Frost's audience. They soar like an albatross at times, skimming layers of ancient atmospheres in the most epic way imaginable and at other times, more subdued they seduce your ears like a luxurious she-demon singing a rapturous melody. Ataraxia are of Italian origin though you may agree there is a more 'Greek' atmosphere to these songs. Many of them will set a picture in your mind full of crystal blue waters, towering pillars and rapturous bare-breasted mermaids gracing the scenery. The music, being mostly synth-based, is impressive and sets a very authentic and mythological mood that is nothing short of epic. The moods seem to be (overall) more "light" than "dark", though there is a definite 'evil' ". (Hellfrost)

"I guess the clock was close to 11pm when Ataraxia finally came onstage to delight the fans! And I say delight because this is exactly what they did!! The vocalist has such a powerful and entrancing voice that one almost falls under a spell of beauty!! I don't really have any words to describe the intensity and enchantment of this gig. The male vocalist has also a powerful presence and adds a nice vibe to the general show. Some songs are adorned with the dances of a mime. I am indeed speechless! Their show was so effective and so amazing that the audience called them out at least 3 times. No one wanted them to go away. This gig, even thought different from all the others I attended so far, was probably the most beautiful and I must thank ATARAXIA for the calm and lovely moments they provided me! I bet everyone who attended this special gig feels the same." (Ancient Ceremonies 2001) Portugal

"I must urge all the lovers of this musical genre to get hold of "Sueños" for on this Cd you will find some of the best pieces ever created by ATARAXIA. Overall "Sueños" gains its strength from a stronger incorporation of male voices as well as instruments like flute, clarinet and drums and again it provides evidence that ATARAXIA are the most important exponents of Mediterranean Neofolk. 'Art is beauty and beauty is art' (John Keats). (Andreas Diesel - 2001) Germany

"Otherwise Francesca is nearer the vocal supremacy of the one and only Lisa Gerrard in "Sueños", and that is a triumph in itself! Both the top and low register of her voice is absolute flawless! As usual you drift away back to earlier, more romantic gothic days, when listening to "Sueños". All in all a semi- masterpiece!!" (Claus Byrial - April 2001) Denmark

"Like other releases in ATARAXIA's vast discography "Lost Atlantis" is a beautiful and subtle brand of ethereal and mediaeval music, with lush fingers and picked acoustics, well-done synthetic adaptations of period instruments and dramatic female operatic vocals that very few vocalists outside of the classical music world could even hope to hold a candle to. There are a lot of interesting arrangments and emotive passages but also a greater portion of the disc is melancholic serving as a pensive testament to the mysterious loss and tragedy of Atlantis' disappearance and its population desmise. Overall, this is a great release and a worthwhile addition to your dark ambient collections; it's intellectual, well-arranged and an enthralling listen." (Starvox - web musiczine) U.K.

"Dark but enthralling, the work of ATARAXIA affirms the concept that out of suffering, a terrible beauty can be born." (Starvox - web musiczine) U.K.

"Day two main dish was certainly ATARAXIA. The venue was too small for the gig and, as many remained outside the door, it was staking up time for those who got inside, pressed up to the incredible. The band compensated with an elegiac performance which left the crowd speechless for a while (not that anyone had the possibility to breath anyway in order to say something)." (Darklife fanzine - issue VI Summer 2001) U.K. / Europe

"I might seem repetitive, as any ATARAXIA release prompts me to state that they've topped themselves. I just can't help it but perhaps it's just the truth. If ATARAXIA established among your musical preferences, then rush out to get 'Sueños'; if not but you could do with the beauty irradiated by compositions inspired and multi-cultural, ancient surces, then do the same. And I wonder if ATARAXIA will top themselves again with their next release. They probably will." (Darklife fanzine - issue VI Summer 2001) U.K. / Europe

"Throughout the CD, one is impressed with the musician ship of the band, playing instruments ranging from classic guitar to clarinet, traverse flute, and tamburo a spicchi to chitarra battente. For the first time in ATARAXIA's 15-year history, this CD was released as a collection of songs of various styles, rather than a whole conceptual work, so there is indeed, something for every music/experimental listener here." (The Sentimentalist magazine - volume II issue VI - 2001) USA

"The guitar stood out like none I've heard before. The Spanish-like plucking was crystal clear and the other styles used throughout the night also shared an amazing clarity. I've never heard such a terrific sound in a small venue before. A roland JV80 synth was used to provide some superb wind instrument sounds to back up the real ones being used live. The combined effect was entirely in keeping with the style of the music, yet when the keyboards went into obvious electronic sound territory the harmonious effect was sustained. But by far the last memorable element of the performance was a highly impressive lead vocalist. Looking like an extra who'd just walked off the set of Excalibur, this pre-Raphaelite blonde showed that not only did she have an almost opera-quality voice but that she also demonstrated impressive versatility. One moment applying an operatic approach, that suddenly switching to a soulful or sassy style the next, and then back again. Her vocal performance alone was mesmerizing. A madrigal utilising all the three vocalists was equally captivating. With other band members playing different instruments and adding different backing vocals to great effect, and with silent masked performer appearing in different roles and interacting with the singer, ATARAXIA are certainly one of the most unusual live bands I've seen in a long while. Digital folk for the new millenium anyone?" (Dark Star Audio - web site - ATARAXIA Borderline October 16th '99) England

"ATARAXIA: DREAM OR REALITY? Hard to decide... A masterpiece of last millenium's end!" (Kogaionon mag - issue 6) Latvia

"Lost Atlantis is another magnificent step into the future through the past of ATARAXIA. Always hunting ancestral myths and legends, the Italian trio proposes this time a beautiful interpretation of the legend of Atlantis, the sunken land. The tracks are just about perfect, balanced between the peaceful, the beautiful, the tragic and the apocalyptic. ATARAXIA succeed in capturing the right sounds for this journey through the enrapturing destiny of the sunken land. Watery sounds and floating atmospheres for a unique brand of sacred ambient. The use of English and Greek, with beats of Italian, add another touch of class. Once again ATARAXIA manage to top themselves!" (Darklife fanzine - issue 4 Winter 2000) England

"I think that there isn't any other band in the world able to make me close to the Medieval aura like ATARAXIA do. Each single element makes them a band suspended in time and this condition seems to be reflected on the listeners who are defenceless in front this wonderful artistical expression. Other nine ballads are here to celebrate a theatrical and arcane ritual and everything has the colours of perfection. Francesca and her band are, as they admit, mediums of time and history, a sort of ministrels who lead you in ancient and magic world thanks to their histories made of mistery and beauty. This album is just another step of their wonderful pilgrimage through the centuries and just another masterpiece of a band who doesn't play simple music but differently from the mass, succeeds to enchant you transforming beauty in music." (Vampiria zine - issue 3) Italy

"The ultimate frontier of the beauty has a name. It's ATARAXIA. The only sensation that I'm able to explain is the extreme timelessness of music for their admission, without limits of time and space due to extreme variety of the cultural roots of their artistical proposal." (Vampiria zine - issue 3) Italy

"The forgotten songs of Atlantis: Italy's ATARAXIA follow on the heels of 1998 beautifully crafted exploration of the spirit of ancient, medieval times, 'Historiae' with a more complex, fantastical work of wonder, 'Lost Atlantis'. Though a slight, fantastical air breezed throught the music on 'Historiae' the subject matter of 'Lost Atlantis' courts a more purely fantastical quality and is more open to studied interpretation, invention and unhinibited imagination. This is accomplished throught use of classic and electric guitars, keyboards, drumprogramming, a singular flute and Francesca Nicoli's astonishlingly lyrical voice: the voice is the key instrument, conduit of myth and the legend via cadences that swim and timbres that dive into the mysterious depths; via accented, spoken words, passages and lilfting, operatic inflections that substantiate the 'pagan opera' inclinations. With 'Lost Atlantis', ATARAXIA have created, on the calm sea canvas, a collection of songs that transcend era, timeless, born of the spirit of the sea and the elusive enigma that shrouds Atlantis, as watery textures echo throughout, assimilated by ATARAXIA in ways that can only be viewed as unique as if one is allowed to wonder throught the smooth, salt-water caressed, sensations derived from the trek opening channels within the mind that signal atavistic recall.......reminiscences of unknown origin. Lovely!" (Cold Meat Industry mail order catalogue - December 1999) Sweden

"ATARAXIA played a superb medieval set which is essentially from their CD 'Historiae'. A fair amount of their appeal lies with the talents of lead vocalist Francesca Nicoli but the rest of the band have a great deal of talent. Perharps the best way to describe these numbers is the sound of Medieval music being played on largely modern intruments. With genuine regard and enthousiasm. The audience response was encouraging." (Oriflamme fanzine - issue 4 October 1999) England

"ATARAXIA is bringing us back to our roots, with adventurous singing and nostalgic music. This is very much driven music. Driving beats and ascending melodies combine with emotional vocals to make your chest swell. I imagine they are telling heroic and tragic stories. This is a very nice Cd, especially if you are longing for medieval times or if you like your music to make you feel adventurous. A great CD to chase fairys with." (CD Now - web orders) USA

"ATARAXIA performed a great show. ATARAXIA combine medieval instruments and costumes with powerful female voice, possibly the best way to describe it would be to imagine Diamanda Galas alive and well and performing in XIVth century Europe!" (Kaleidoscope - issue 6 Autumn 1999) U.K.

"One who finds the magic of hidden mysteries cannot live in other way. the destiny was written and ATARAXIA were born. Francesca Nicoli, the voice of ATARAXIA guides us through their fascinating world........a world where simplicity reveals, where paths are made of stone and history that echoe silent voices, where nature fuses with man in a ritual of endless understanding for existence and everlasting quest for wisdom." (Ancient Ceremonies - issue 3 Spring/Summer 1999) Portugal

"I exactly know that this review will be preferential, considering that ATARAXIA represents one of the best musical expression in the world. After the two years silence following their last release, the marvellous Francesca Nicoli's band come back with an album containing graceful medieval ballads, played with incredible taste and class. That atmosphere that all compositions can transmit in such that, closing your eyes and letting yourselves be drawn by fantasy, you won't find difficult to find yourselves in a old medieval village, full of atmosphere. Beyond genres and musical tastes, ATARAXIA's music is so nice that it can make a strong impression on extreme sounds lovers." (The Revenant - issue 2 August 1999) Italy

"Once again ATARAXIA brings the flavour of the Middle Ages straight into your living-room, adding with their interpretation, fresh as ever, that touch of energy which makes each of their releases unique and distant from any typical medieval cliché." (Darklife - issue 2 Winter 1999) U.K.

"Flute and classic guitar, coupled with smoothing keyboards and electronic drumming and the unconfined vocal expression of lead singer Francesca, fascinatingly interpreting languages and sounds : the ancient, the modern and the everlasting. These are the magic ingredients ATARAXIA use to carry the listener back through the years and amongst far away cultures and myths, with the straight evoked by their spontaneity and intuitive creativity." (Darklife - issue 2 Winter 1999) U.K.

"ATARAXIA don't need any presentation because their name has always expressed synonymithy with an avant-garde composing freedom and indomitable vitality." (Crepusculum Conscientiae - issue 4 1999) Italy

"A little jewel of ancient perceptions the new ATARAXIA's masterpiece and I must say the purchase is simply obligatory. The concept is based on various ballads from the Middle Ages performed with careful reconsruction of the original atmospheres, half-way between sacred and profane." (Crepusculum Conscientiae - issue 4 1999) Italy

"ATARAXIA is one of the best groups I've heard in a long time. Their sound is very close to Dead Can Dance with maybe a little bit of Diamanda Galas thrown in. The members of ATARAXIA display a genuine talent for this type of music. Anyone who likes the 4AD groups should try this one for size." (General Purpose n.5) USA

"...Some how this reaches further, goes beyond mere music to tap human emotion, showing us some place of beauty and inspiration we didn't even know we were missing, leaving you feeling empty with loss in the visceral seat of your soul." (Soft Watch n.2) England

"At the end the music is good, from medieval to gothic, to acoustic, it builds a solid, obscure "story in music" for this very interesting concept-release." (Suffer part 1) Italy

"I was very surprised by the extraordinary quality and maturity of that italian band. It is quite hard to give a definition to their music, they don't obey to any rule or label. The voice of Francesca is now ethereal, now agonizing, always bewitching.......truely a great band!" (Gloria Victis n.4) France

"This turned out to be not only surprisingly good, but also one of the most lovely and haunting works I've ever heard. It's most a blend of goth and sacred music, often utilizing several vocal tracks at once, gicing it a slightly church choir/opera/gregorian chant type of sound." (Isolation n.10) USA

"A dark scrying crystal liberally flecked with pure gold." (Soft Watch n.8) England

"There's no real electronics here, just pure magic and beauty. There are no flaws here, each performer in the group does an excellent job in making this work totally recommended." (General Purpose n.6) USA

"Francesca Nicoli is a siren whose chants, hums and pure wails enchant the listener......beckoning and luring with foreign tongues and an elusive sense of the mysterious and the past. An elegant yet passionately savage release from an awe-inspiring italian group." (Graceless Passion n.4) USA

"It's all very serene (different from Dead Can Dance). Just simply beautiful. (Phosphor n. November '93) Holland

"I will describe Ataraxia music like Preraphaelit, Romantic music with a Middle Age slant and inspirations taken in troubadours or ministrels music." (Ravens' Chats n.1) France

"......this new release of ATARAXIA seems to address its odes to a court lover of delicate pleasures, songs with an ethereal web, both condensed and sweet atmospheres.......ATARAXIA surprise us once again, that's the least we were expecting from them." (Gloria Victis n.7/8) france

"The members of ATARAXIA seem to come directly from the Middle Ages. Their music lives from the spirit of these former times. Their release it's so full of beautiful songs in a traditional manner, performed in an individual style. Besides the excellent musical compositions the forceful voice of Francesca Nicoli makes this release so special." (Discordia label Export Newsletter n.4/94) Germany

"The music mesmerizes you just after a few seconds. The wonderful vocals of Francesca Nicoli transform you in a melancholic and elegiac world. You're getting a feeling as if you'd stand by a rocky shore at night and yearn for the down to come and for the warm embrace by the sunlight. they build the bridge between medieval and gothic/contemporary music. this must be the music Botticelli has been listening to when he painted "Birth of Venus". A real jewel!" (Fight Amnesia n.2) Germany

"At the same time seemingly direct yet blackly simbolic, it glides through green pastures that are evidently not what they appear to be; this is hinted at by the almost militaristic electronic percussion used throughout. Superficially warm and endearing, there is an infesting canker at the heart of this music, gradually radiating outwards." (Music from the empty Quarter n.9) UK

"I really enjoyed this CD which grows on you after several listenings. I certainly can't see them making it into the dancefloor clubs, this is more personal listening and a million miles away from all tedious Mission wannabees!" (Bats and Res Velvet) United Kingdom

"Somewhere hidden in the interior part of Italy a three piece discovered the hidden beauty of the Middle Ages; Troubadours and minstrels pass by in your imagination, making you feel happy and easy." (Phosphor) Holland

"Traditionally italian in feel. Magnificent towering sounds of natural acoustics in harmony with keyboards and crashing drums, machines. A triumphant gothic orchestral creation featuring statuesque, almost esoteric female vocals that would sit more than confortably in on the score of any Argento film or maybe in the serene aisles of a great medieval purgin cathedral. An album oozing dignity and possesion." (Music from the empty quarter n.10) United Kingdom

"Air is hard to breath, something far wraps around us while dreamy nymphes singing in strange languages dissolve all temporal barriers......consider this album as one of the most exciting production of the year. You can feel something sinister in the female voices: angels and witches. It's something ancestral, stinging, sad, oneiric...in one word perfectly gothic!" (Under The Black Rose n.5) Italy

"Let Francesca Nicoli's unequalled voice transport you to magic places and to the islands of syrens. Let the music bring you sounds that exist untouched by time and space, beyond the Gates of Dreamlands. ATARAXIA are among the ultimate bands of the 90's they shall have the success they deserve since they show their rare worth. RECOMMENDED!" (Fight Amnesia n.5) Germany

"Wonderful vocals dance through this song and along with some really great guitars, keyboards and drum-programming create a mini-masterpiece. Beautiful music made for summer. Needless to say, Vittorio Vandelli is a brilliant and talented guitarist and Giovanni Pagliari is reallly adept with the piano.......wonderful album......." (Low Life '95) United Kingdom

"The music seems to struggle between ethereal feelings and confronting inner struggles." (Prophecy of Doom - Autum '95) France

"Another chapter opens in ATARAXIA's story with more beautiful crafted songs from an ancient time and a less complicated world. This album seems to be an evocation (or invocation, who knows) of numerous female figures from mythology. Much of this album seems despairing, yet simultaneously uplifting. ........is a journey into a magical underwater realm of darkly powerful lovesongs and hymns for a lost age. Wonderful." (Music from the empty quarter - issue 12 Autumn '95) United Kingdom

"The music is breathtakingly beautiful. Solemn, sorrowful, melancholic and devastatingly pure. And the vocals are outstanding! Francesca Nicoli has an amazing vocal range. She sometimes reminds me Diamanda Galas and sometimes Nina Hagen. In fact, I would love to hear her do a duet with either of these two singers. Now THAT would be quite an event! Ignore the exquisite ATARAXIA at your own peril!" (Dark Angel - issue 19) Australia

".........a unique masterpiece representing a soundtrack for a restless night. ............one of the most inspired musical-projects from Italy, without any doubt. Their beautiful, fascinating, enrapturing music seems mostly influenced by medieval; historic, traditional music of the past centuries; ethereal, atmospheric, idyllic music...But there's something unique in ATARAXIA's music; most of the "ethereal" bands create some lightly music, something like a sun-ray; ATARAXIA's songs are quite different 'cause they also have a positive emotional force, but they result more melancholy, suffering and romantic. Their music seems a consequence of a fight between sad reality and myth, or a soundtrack representing the perceptions, the emotions, the dreams of a human being condemned to live in a wrong society .............No comparisons for ATARAXIA's music,............. pure beauty and hope." (Suffer - winter '94 issue) Italy

"This is the true dark beauty hidden within European music and cultural heritage. ATARAXIA use German, French, Latin, Italian and English to commune with the European spirit about rage, silences of the earth, solemnity, tension and remembrance. The vocalist, Francesca Nicoli, sings with a powerful and dominant voice rather than delicate or angelic voicings of many female vocalists. Her voice is still beautiful, but she sings with a powerful proud and defiant voice which at times elicits nothing short of a sense of militant loyalty. Her best moments are those when her voice is a deep resonation which stirs the soul." USA

"To my opinion ATARAXIA is definitely one of the most interesting bands involved in medieval gothic stuff. Their compositions are in a certain way quite minimalistic with classical influences on the top of the whole. If you often dream of Middle Ages orhies in somptuous castles with knights on white horses and delicious long-haired and pale creatures, ATARAXIA offer you the sonic support to bring you closer to that period." (Side Line Magazine - issue 16) Belgium

"The astonishingly and so unmatchable italian act ATARAXIA already makes its come back with a new album and a definitely deserved climbing success ! One of their qualitie assets is also the depth and variation of their compositions because in that genre of music too many bands too often tend to neglect the music and base everything on the vocals. I want here to congratulate them for their outstanding work...........I can only recommend you this unique release..." (Side Line Magazine - issue 16) Belgium

"Italy's ATARAXIA are more than simply an amazing band, they are a company of musicians embodying a medieval ethic modern trobadours of a sort. One cannot simply listen to ATARAXIA. You must interact with them. Their music rich with classical symbolism, spiritual and emotional content, washes over you evoking a mystical realm where your soul is free to travel to. A realm that exists only through tales of yore and the music of ATARAXIA. certainly is a fame well deserved in this cynical and often sterile world that we inhabit. With a band such as ATARAXIA disappointment is not possible. Listening to them is your key to a fantastic world. What more can I say ? Must beg on my knees ? Go forth and buy!" (Mortal Thoughts - issue 7 - 1996) Australia

"ATARAXIA reveal a great piece of music filled with medieval sounds and romantic acoustic guitars balanced by the so tragic voice of their female lead singer.........Latin chants, incantations, organ and graveyard influences are at the menu! A globally very interesting release for a band which established a strong reputation on the new medieval scene! One of the best and maybe more accessible release from them! Highly recommended!" (Side Line Magazine - issue of Winter '96) Belgium

"The show had a rather gripping and intense character and the crowded hall was hanging from Francesca Nicoli's lips. The classical guitar fills your heart with warmth and the whole band shows an incredible professionality and passion, both reaching highest level by Francesca's vocals, which change from opera parts to siren passages and obscure witchy singing. I'm sure that ATARAXIA left the audience with the best impression of the evening and fascinated them as much as us. This concert couldn't really be outweighed by anything..............I had seen enough to fill my mind and soul with." (Fight Amnesia - issue 9 - 1996) Germany

"The new ATARAXIA CD is a phenomenon of musical and lyrical creativity and comes quite near to a monumental epos. With this "concept" album, ATARAXIA definitely offer their masterpiece so far and prove themselves as one of the most serious and innovative new bands. This is an album of incredible brilliancy and deep passion and I can tell you that for a few days now, the CD has "stuck" in the CD-player. ATARAXIA's music comes to warm your heart through pictures of fiery beauty, which musically come to shine through classic guitar arpeggios and keyboards soundscapes as well as a vast variety classic samples and sounds, revealing to you the true and obscure identity of the Phantom..........ATARAXIA go deep behind the masque of the Phantom and enforce the dark regions of his psyche with sensitivity and respect, acquiring the wisdom of creation as a whole. Francesca's vocals have reached an incredible power of expression, changing from soprano, opera parts to melancholic and passionate passages, all bearing the gripping and haunting character of a theatrical singer. The compositions reach incredible regions, starting with medieval and classical sonatas, moving to Baroque and neo-classical fields and yet flirting with complex forms of minor avant-garde keys. ATARAXIA owns a never ending source of inspiration and are definitely kissed by their Angel of Music, who will hopefully escort them for many years to come!" (Fight Amnesia - issue 9 - 1996) Germany

"Surely one of the most serious and convincing projects (as their long existence confirm) around nowadays...And please listen to the superb Francesca's voice!" (Macabre Reveller - issue 3) Italy

"The only way to describe the release is 'beautiful'. The classical and folk genres are heavily drawn up upon to excellent effect, then mixed with modern percussions. Francesca's voice is superb, faintly classical and often disturbing. An essential purchase." (Akasha corp. - issue 7 - 1996) England

"The fact that modern technology permits four people to reproduce the sound of an entire orkestra and a whole cast of singers, not to mention the cinematic sound-effects, is both a miracle of engineering and an aspect of Il Fantasma dell'Opera's parody. Here, he really is an Angel of Music, offered for hearer- identification as a purely tragic figure, the agonized victim of a loathing which is unreasonable, unreasoned and lethal. In making this point, the three members of ATARAXIA are careful to challenge the aesthetic presumptions underlying all the previous usurpations for the story still producing music that is as beautiful as its combative. ATARAXIA's aim is to rehabilitate that which has unjustly judged monstruous..." (Interzone by Brian Stableford - 1996) England

"...an unusual act with a sense for odd, but interesting themes as well as a high skill of combining classical elements with post-punk/goth influences." (DownRazor - issue 3 - 1996) Sweden

"ATARAXIA is an italian trio which occupies the fine-art end of the neo- gothic spectrum and produces a rich tapestry of music and song incorporating folk, medieval, renaissance, baroque and classical elements. ATARAXIA demonstrate a keen enthusiasm for using a wide range of languages, both ancient and modern. ATARAXIA is obviously a highly cultured, sophisticated and talented trio, and my experience of hearing their music has been very rewarding." (Flux: ATARAXIA - Microsoft internet explorer 1996) United Kingdom

"Il Fantasma dell'Opera is a light-and-shade journey through the catacombs of Baroque Europe consisting of arousing neo-classical scores, dark synth-based ambience and array of subtle guitar work. But the music's most important role is that of a vehicle for the sublime voice of Francesca Nicoli. Clearly a woman in her element, she recites a combination of French, English and Latin poetry in sensuous, husky tones which occasionally give way by soaring soprano. The overall effect is one of beauty, melancholy and mistery, and the disc as a whole is a perfect means of meditative escapism." (Terrorizer - 1996) U.K.

"I'm their fan since I have heard their music the first time...It really impressed me, but I can't express with words what I felt...The mood, the atmosphere, the themes, everything combined with Francesca's beautiful and strong voice.....One of the most original bands of ever. Enter their world" (Transylvanian Damnation - issue 3 - January 1997) Hungary

"Their neoclassical and romantic style really culminates through this conceptual album (presented as a Concerto!). The live version presented offers a fair glimpse (without the important visual aspect of their live performance of course!) at what they are able to do on stage: recreate the same kind of emotion they manage to bring with their studio recording ...No doubt that this CD is another highlight from their discography!" (Side Line Magazine '97 issue) Belgium

"Back again with a crystal and beautiful opus, where the music is more sober and the acoustic side prevails, always underlined by what I consider the best female vocalist of our times, able to convey uncommon class to each track. I know I'm not too objective when I write about ATARAXIA, as I love all their records, but I honestly think that this CD should be part of your collection (and the others as well!)." (Savage Garden - issue 1997) Italy

"Totally bewitching and rapturous atmospheres, standing between the fields of Classical music and Medieval folk. The remarkable point is undoubtely Francesca's versatility in her vocal work, from soprano voices to grave tones to some wicked moods, she does it without ever loosing a secure and emotional stand! Some structures include the use of acoustic/synth guitars, piano and keyboards, percussions and a few more arrangements, all working in a relatively simplistic (not always!) but overwhelming fulfilling way! Every song is different from the previous one and you'll be coming across some magical Folk moments, atmospheres-laden acoustic pieces, a bit more Classical verged compositions and so on. ........this is a band you cannot afford to miss! ...peaceful relaxing magic moments with some delirious escapades!" (Dark Oath Mag - issue 5 - 1996) Portugal

"The dark music is a perfect match for Francesca's intense vocals." (Bats and Red Velvet - Issue 20 jan 1997) U.K.

"A classical piece that proves the immense musical talent of the band, but is definitely a release you'll love or hate, not one for the 'goth-rocker' types. A refreshing change for those retrospective dark lonely winter evenings." (Bats and Red Velvet - issue 20 Jan 1997) U.K.

"Can anyone name a more magical outfit in the world? No, thought not. I never even know what they're singing about and they're easily my favourite band, as they sound like no-one else and don't adhere to any central direction, pulled this way and that by their own over-active imagination. This is another luminous, intoxicating classic. Absolute heaven." (The Hex files - the Goth Bible Vol II by Mick Mercer) United Kingdom

"It isn't easy to embark so great and unique formation as ATARAXIA, in its all dimensions, richness. It must be heard and seen to believe!!! I admire them for everything they stand for : wonderful music, originality, imagination, image, assiduity, independent attitude (!!!) and many other things as for the music and band itself. A JEWEL !!!" (Eld Rich Palmer zine - issue 6 - June '97) Poland

"There's no possibility to express and write down all impressions that came across after listeninig to 5th album by these masters of atmospherical and haunted moods!!! The brave idea has materialised fully owning to the ATARAXIA's geniality that reproduced the atmosphere of meanings, tunnels, tragedy, passion, love by use of different symphonic and bombastic passages (pianos plus orchestral instruments), classic, full of nostalgia and melancholy ballads (acoustic guitars) and ambient sounds, ethereal singing. Francesca's voice is bewitching a listener with operatic, refined style leading us across whoe story and just her voice makes all ATARAXIA's releases so special and unique!!! Wonderful record for open-minded listeners but I recommend it to everyone, no doubt!!!" (Eld Rich Palmer zine - issue 6 - June '97) Poland

"You'll be relieved to find their recorded works as exquisite as their words, in every way. This is the most beautiful music I've encountered in years." (The Hex Files - The Goth Bible by Mick Mercer '97) England

"ATARAXIA strikes back with a new album to prove once again their high standards and their never resting spirit, always on the search for profound forms of expression. ATARAXIA have combined here the above described spirit with the necessary complexity and music skill Baroque music requires. .............quite incredible classical guitar picking and fantastic melodies which are accompained by orchestral synthetizer parts, while Francesca Nicoli prove her to be one of the most expressive classical singers nowadays. This is not only a deep and respectful research on a worthy part of music history, but it's furthermore a successful and rather fresh sounding album at the gates of the 21st century!" (Fight Amnesia - issue - 1998) Germany

"For Cruel Moon we have the pleasure to release a CD by the magnificent band ATARAXIA from Italy - very exciting !!!!!!" (Cold Meat Industry catalog - March 1998) Sweden

"Boldly symphonic, rich orkestration, dramatic operatic nuance, intimate and melancholic Neo-Classicism, light-hearted serene and shooting music that moves gracefully, ghostly ambiance, introspective, icy cold realms and catacombs where ghostly wails echo through walls of spiraling and shimmering sounds and church organ scenarios. The audience would applause, but I suppose they are too impressioned to move." (Dark Oath Mag - issue 6 - Late '97) Portugal

"This fascinating album sits somewhere between Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen and Maria Callas. This blend is then turned back seven or eight centuries." (The Black Bible comp. - Cleopatra records - 1998) USA