-  A u t u m n  2 0 1 3  -


Out Autumn 2013 :
by Infinite Fog

Is this the bitter-sweet side of ourselves?
We portray great misery, of course, and a tipically human desperate need of survival but, at the same time, joke and irony are always present to exorcise the fear of decay and death. Here we are just musicians playing airs that make you dance and cry at the same time, and while doing this we say to ourselves: “Take your bloody knife and start exploring your killing nature, be not politically correct, sing and play as a fucking gorgon if you wish and have fun."

“Paris Spleen” and the following “Spasms” are works in progress, both musically and as live performances, and our main actor Paul Patchy is just a disseminator of chaos.

Tracklist :

1. This is no country for old men
2. Gloomy Sunday
3. Dragged by the Mood
4. Whisky Bar
5. L. Lazarus
6. Sous la coupole spleenétique du ciel
7. Zut!
8. Andy Laverine
9. Donc, je dois être morte!


Out 2013-2014 :
by Ark Records

12 new tracks deeply heartfelt and vibrating of freshness and inspiration.
The wind of changement blowing away old struggles and pain so to be filled with what the “here and now” brings us as a gift. A breath of life!

Tracklist :

1. I am
2. Espirito del Agua
3. Lost Cosmonaut
4. Innocence (the same or a new one)
5. My lips blow you wind
6. She-He renewed
7. In(k) Meditation
8. Absorbed
9. Grace Rhythm
10.Sei l’Oro che ti veste
11. Truth Explored
12. Purity Movement

-  S p r i n g t i m e  2 0 1 3  -


- ATARAXIA tour in CHINA 2013 -
with songs from the coming album

Dream Festival in Beijing: ChaoYang sports center - NO.77 YaoJiaYuan Road ChaoYang District Beijing.

Dream Festival in Shanghai: Aviator Club - NO.200 ShangGang Road PuDongXin District Shanghai.

ATARAXIA concert in Shanghai: On-Stage - NO.570 HuiHai West Road ChangNing District Shanghai.

ATARAXIA concert in Guangzhou: T:union - NO.545 XiaTangWest Road YueXiu District Guangzhou.

ATARAXIA concert in Hong Kong: Hidden Agenda - Room A Floor 2 Building YongYe Road Niu Tou Jiao Hong Kong. http://www.hiddenagendahk.com/


with songs from the coming album

Saturday June the 1st : ATARAXIA + FAUSTO LEONETTI & THE SPELLS. Adj set by Plastic Passion: GRAINKING - SKILLAHAR - VDM - ERASERHEAD (goth, post punk, new wave, 80's, minimal synth, neofolk & more... ).

Location: Fusolab 2.0 - Viale della Bella Villa 94 (Zona Casilina) - Roma.

Doors open at: 22.00 - Concert starts at: 22.30 - Doors close at 5.00.

Info: 338 9958011 - 348 0722484



15% discount on all the available albums (except the coming THE MOON re-issue).

Auction: last copy of OS CAVALEIROS DO TEMPLO DVD + CD available.

Coming: THE MOON SANG ON THE APRIL CHAIR (re-issued) - it's possible to reserve it.

News about all of this on www.ataraxia.net (news and ordering pages).


A very nice German listener and friend, Markus, has opened a nice and interesting page dedicated to all worldwide listeners of ATARAXIA, you can follow it on: www.facebook.com

Don't miss it!


Next June more news about the coming releases: WIND AT MOUNT ELO and SPASMS (following of Paris Spleen).


Very important: the postal address ATARAXIA - c.p. 48 - 42019 Scandiano (RE) IS NO MORE AVAILABLE.