Dear All,

we are glad to update you about ATARAXIA's forthcoming projects.

2017 will see the "birth" of two new releases, one in Springtime and one in Autumn.

The first one will be the long awaited re-issue on CD of PROPHETIA (1990), the very first demotape of the band, by Infinite Fog.
As always, there will be two editions, one A5 deluxe limited edition with cartoon cover including a second CD with rare (exclusive) bootleg recordings of the very first years of ATARAXIA. A few songs that have never been included in official tapes (live and rehearsals recordings) will be finally available!

+ one standard jewel case edition

The gift for all the listeners is that ATARAXIA have already started recording 3 "old but new" songs (dated 1990-1992 but recorded for the very first time now with the same spirit but new arrangements and sounds) more inkeeping with their original gothic rock, epic vein.
These songs will be included in the Prophetia CD so to show the past and the present. The same with the lay-out that will feature a 1990 photo session never seen before together with a new photo session taken by Raffaella Graziosi a few days ago in an incredible phantasmagoric place.

The original Prophetia tape (self produced) was divided up into two parts : visionary side and chimerical side.
Even the new release will feature these two parts, one is based on the original Prophetia songs, the other on the "old but new".
The original writings concerning the album and the live performance will be included in the lay-out too.

The second re-issue on CD will be the third (and last) demotape of the band, ARAZZI, dated 1992/1993.
The album will be released by Twilight Records and will include L'ULTIMO ARAZZO as bonus track (dated 1992 but never recorded in studio before, it will be recorded in 2017 with the same spirit of its beginnings).
The album will be out in Autumn in digi format.

Have a great Winter Solstice!

Chivalrous regards


Evanescent Warriors and Diaphanous Pilgrims