Released in October 2017 by Infinite Fog - Russia

- CD 1 -

Anno Domini MDLVI
May 16th 1980
In articulo mortis
Hommage Funèbre
Nocturnal Eutanasia
Teuflische Mosaikarbeit
bonus tracks:
The garden of Cyrus
Dusky Daphne

- CD 2 -

Teuflische Mosaikarbeit
Ono No Komachi
Die Suhne
Que no te sienta venir

> Lyrics <
[ The Garden of Cyrus, Dusky Daphne, Requiem ]

> Prophetia concept <
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A voice :- And if you turn another page, what do you see?
Himtos :- A door.
A voice :- And beyond that door?
Himtos :- Light. Only light that turns all the world into a dream.
A voice :- And now?
Himtos :- It’s all dark. The book is closing.
A voice :- And now what do you see?
Himtos :- Nothing.
A voice :- And now?
Himtos :- Nothing.
A voice :- And now?
Himtos :- Nothing, nothing…….nothing.

In 'Prophetia' we narrate the story of the imaginary voyage of Himtos. Himtos could be me, you, or whoever else. This trip through the ‘states of the mind and the states of the heart’ is symbolically included among the pages of a huge book, 'Prophetia'. Every time the character leafs through the book, he is projected into a new fairy tale set in a place and in an era different from the ones the characters left behind. It is just like following our own karma and living a sequence of lives.
In 2016 we decided to go back to our roots, at the very end of the 80ies and, on the occasion of the re-issue of our very first demotape 'Prophetia' (self-produced in 1990), we felt that it was time to see what we could do with some of the songs written between 1988 and 1989.
Keeping the feeling and the music structures exactly the same of some decades ago, we have recorded three previously unreleased tacks putting together the old aura with new unexpected sensations.
Moreover, the second CD included in the A5 limited edition contains several versions of songs written before 'Prophetia', the starting point, our music childhood, and we are proud of it, whatever it is ! Many of the songs we released before 'Prophetia' will remain unknown to the majority of people but some of them have now found a place exactly as they were (recorded live or during rehearsals without suitable recorders with no technologic means with all their rage, pain, instinctive power). Amen

Francesca Nicoli
vocals, flute

Vittorio Vandelli

Giovanni Pagliari

Michele Urbano

Marco Dolce

Francesca Zitoli
back vocals

Lorenzo Busi
acting and performances

Ombretta Gazzotti
lights and stage support