oil on canvas II

Best-of album released in August 2015 by Twilight Records

(exclusive 2015)
Donc, je dois être morte
(from "Spasms", 2013, Infinite Fog Productions)
Lunar Oceans
(from "Ultima Thule", 2008, Eclipsis)
Of Asphodel
(from "Saphir", 2004 Cruel Moon Int.; re-issued in 2010, Twilight Records)
La fame e la danza
(from "Kremasta Nera", 2007, Ark Records)
Lost Cosmonaut
(from "Wind at Mount Elo", 2014, Ark Records)
(from "Oil On Canvas", 2009, Ultramail Prod.)
Seas of the Moon
(from "Odos eis Ouranon", 2005, Equilibrium Music;
re-issued in "Strange Lights", 2009, Shadowplay)
May She become
(from "Sous le blanc rosier" 2nd edition, 2011, Pocket Records)
(from "Oil On Canvas", 2009, Ultramail Prod.)
(from "Llyr", 2010, Prikosnovénie)
(from "Ena", 2015, Infinite Fog Productions)
Whispers o'er the sea
(from Vittorio Vandelli "A day of warm rain in heaven",
2004, Equilibrium Music)

“What it is above it is also down here and within us”.

We are ready and we accept to be filled by Grace singing a new chant born from the immutable heart of Time.

Music is a powerful river running along our imagination till it finds a way to go out and it starts living among people.

Music is intention and hope.

Hope is not a passive act as it engages all our power and will.

True changes need practice and music is such an heavenly practice.

Music is the miracle of coming into being and letting go.

We just need to cultivate our own availability to the GRACE OF THE EVENT.

Music celebrates the art of the essence and we are here to be devoted to this aim.

For a while, we silence rationality and enter into a dimension made of a different substance that’s a bright, subtle, inner sight so music becomes a sacred act celebrating the elemental forces...

Mistery is much more transparent than what we believe...

Francesca Nicoli
vocals, flute

Vittorio Vandelli
guitars, timpani, back vocals

Giovanni Pagliari
keyboards, piano, back vocals

Riccardo Spaggiari
acoustic and electronic drums