deep blue firmament

Released in September 2016 by Sleaszy Rider Records - Greece

Message to the clouds
Greener than grass
Alexandria part I
Rosso Sangue
Alexandria part II
(bonus track in the limited edition)

> Lyrics <

Orietur in tenebris lux tua
From darkness, your light will be born
Life is the way
I will find my own way or I will draw it myself
As I reap what I have sown
I am human and all what happens to other human beings concerns me
Submerged I re-emerge
Through hardships to the stars
Nature heals
Up our hearts
Let the Light shine
Per aspera ad astra
Luceat lux

In November 2015, we entered our new recording studio without any idea, any thread of notes in mind, completely empty as channels ready to be filled by grace.
Within a period of 7 months, 12 new musical pearls are born driven by a powerful inspiration, free and cleansing as the wind, deep and sensitive as the sea waters, passionate and courageous as a burning flame, rich and welcoming as a fertile land. A force full of nuances, full of scents made us draw this album, so intimate, poetic and, at the same time, majestic. In the darkest nights of our life, obscurity sharpens our subtle sight so we are able to see more clearly the firmament, slivers of insight make us lift our eyes up to the deep blue sky opening our heart and mind to an interior guidance.
DEEP BLUE FIRMAMENT is our trip as sailors before the stars, the firmament is our life-map over a sea of notes, we crossed Autumn, Winter and Spring just to get the destination before the Summer Solstice that’s a door opening on a new phase. These songs bring harmony, magic, awareness and clarity of vision, we are proud to have the chance to share them with you.
Ad maiora!
Towards greater things!

"Our blood red only
can give to the rosary new flowers and plants
Leaves are many
The root is one”

Digipack - ltd edition - 12 tracks
Jewel case – standard edition - 11 tracks

Francesca Nicoli

Vittorio Vandelli
classical, acoustic and electric guitars, guitarra fado, bass guitar, back vocals

Giovanni Pagliari
keyboards, harmonizing, vocals, back vocals

Riccardo Spaggiari
frame-drums, electronic drums

Totem Bara

Cello in songs 1,6,8