Released in May 2024 by The Circle Music - Greece

The Source
(CD bonus track)
Aetas Aurea
Nox Incubat
Aqua Mater
Ignis Pater
(CD bonus track)
Of Snow and Sapphires

Seas of the Moon
(new version)

> Lyrics <

> Centaurea concept <
[ English / Italian ]

“Only by dreaming you can enter
only by sleeping you can leave,
mystical journey or sacred dream
on a pale sailing ship.

On a Greek island of impressive neoclassical beauty, I lived and wrote the concept of the new ATARAXIA’s album “CENTAUREA”.
CENTAUREA is an island beyond the columns of time, still immersed in a golden age, it is a new Mediterranean Avalon whose name is a hundred times brighter than gold and that can only be accessed by dreaming and from which one leaves just sleeping.
Crossing the dimensional waters that lead to this magical circle, always immersed in the gold of the light of twilight and the flaming magenta of the dawn, we reach a dimension in which the principles of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine are embodied by heroes and maidens, priestesses and bards. The qualities of Courage, Audacity, Hospitality, Trust, Grace, intense spiritual values and the earthly representation of Beauty become flesh and accompany us while listening to the songs.
We participate in nocturnal rituals, dances at dawn, races across prairies and woads, flights overlooking the sea, celebrations of the primeval Sun, we meet wolves and Goddesses, we speak lunar alphabets, we cross woods of wild loves, enchanted bays where sweet scents are released, we sail wild blues and listen to the myths of the Oak. The beings who animate these places live destinies on a strand of splendor.

This album, our twenty-nineth, is part of a trilogy which began with “Pomegranate”, a hymn to the elemental spirits, and which will end with a work inspired by the Elysian Fields passing through the Golden Age brought to light by "CENTAUREA".
The lyrics of the songs, sung in several ancient and modern languages, are precious poems by Francesca Nicoli and Mara Paltrinieri who had already collaborated on the lyrics of the band's first albums.
The splendid layouts (each album format has its own imaginative history, therefore the vinyl artbook contained in the limited box and the CD graphics are different from each other, unique and original) are released by Nicolas Ramain.
The intro of the CD will see the uilleann pipes played by Gregorio Bellodi for the very first time and, once again, in three songs we will find Totem Bara on the cello.
The entire work is a kaleidoscope of varied beauty in which the arts blend and accompany us.
Ad Maiora!

Formats :

* Luxurious box embossed in gold containing: transparent purple vinyl with printed inserts; jewel case CD with two bonus tracks; 7” vinyl featuring two exclusive tracks; 30x30 16 pages artbook; deluxe slipmat made of cork with ATARAXIA’s logo; patch with ATARAXIA’s logo - limited to 200 copies.

* Gold vinyl with printed inserts - limited to 500 copies.

* Jewel Case CD with 16 pages booklet + 2 bonus tracks.

* Digital.

Francesca Nicoli
vocals, lyrics

Vittorio Vandelli
classical, electric, acoustic guitars, timpani, programming, back vocals

Giovanni Pagliari
keyboards, programming, back vocals

Gregorio Bellodi
uilleann pipes (on The Source - CD bonus track)

Totem Bara
cello in Nox Incubat, Galen, Viriditas, Seas of the Moon (side B of the 7")


The Source