"To shine you have to burn"
Viktor Frankl

“Oenoe”, the mother of Dionysus, the earth and the moon, the ovum, the white and nocturnal frequency who meets the Sailor whose sails are fruits bringing all the colors of change, her voice has such a sweet sound that makes startle the sea-man breaking the furrow of the contrary currents. Night is at its center, so the numerical, cellular and magical archetype of masculine merges with that of the feminine and a race starts. The unifying One is exploding.
So we get “Sikia”, the alchemist's cave, the marine volcano in whose center lives the White, the Whitest of the Whites, the Albedo, the quintessence that is nothing more than pure and authentic energy emerging after burning all suffering, after passing through death by transmuting every lead wound into gold.
Lemuria, with its aurichalc columns, shows the infinite arc of infinite 8, the frequency starts resounding, this album is recorded in 432Hz that lead to 8Hz leading to 1.
Duality, in which we become incarnate in this earthly dimension, can turn into a never-ending conflict or rather an evolutionary research that from the 2 brings us back to the creative energy from which we come, that we are, that we enclose as cosmic essence to which we will return after this sublime experience.
“Ieros” is a love song, in the multiverse everything is possible, a tear becomes a river, many tears turn into diamonds in the fields, a cry changes into a bride's smile on a sunny morning, natural modesty, grace without veil, lightweight.
In the magical sound alchemy, Archangel Michel, archetype of sword and scale, the one who brings justice and contains in himself light and shadow in an orderly way, appears before our eyes once we have climbed Mount Man, five hundred feet up. At those heights, at those depths, in that wide space, harmonic frequencies of pure metals resonate and the immense stars light up. The Portal opens, the quartz of ancient Lemuria vibrates in the strings of a piano, the answer gets us in a dream, a soul sweetly speaking to a soul, the masculine dialogues with the feminine, the shadow with the light, children's play, color drawings.
“Rose of the Wild Forces” portrays the Rose-Woman animated by wild and savage forces who is now shattered. Cognitive dissonance, love, betrayal, abandon, protection, rejection, care, all in one and the White Rose loses water in the parched river of summer. As always, the magic happens, feminine circle of women in the Sacred Beech Forest where the Lulseto stone lights up the secret singing, the clear and calm song of enchantment. Grace will emerge from the apparent chaos of the events and White Rose will understand the meaning of all things so be kind, be curious, purity and faith comes from the healing wild forces.
Every wound attracts a healer and the Great Master of the Flesh and the Spirit is Chiron, the centaur, who is now in Pisces, vescica piscis, the amygdala, the almond, that place in our brain that transmutes everything. We are magicians and wizards of our own path, we work the matter to operate in the spirit and the wise foresee and predict the effect of all things, they peer into the remote causes, the emotions of every cell, the celestial bodies as the cosmic plan is perfect, nothing to fear, nothing to change, It's perfect, perfect. Quintessence of enchantment.

The musician is a Bard with a subtle sight, it is his gift, in him you have faith because he is a knight and will wrap you in his red cape soaked with your crying over demons and entanglements, over gestures, thoughts and words, his music is a bridge between the mind and the heart, quiet beyond the storm.


The sacred 8 vibrates,
this is the access code,
The sacred 8
And the coherence of the infinite 1